Hello gorgeous ladies,       
And welcome to RedOphelia.com!
We created this concept having YOU in mind, your desire to express yourself and the confidence that comes along when wearing an exclusive design, something that is unique, bright and colorful.
We noticed a lack of stylish bottoms on the market and we decided to bring up our distinctive, glamorous leggings to help creating a brave new retail world.
But who is she? Ophelia is any of you, the ladies out there around the world. She is always feminine, having a beautiful romantic soul and might even be a bit dreamy sometimes, blushing sincerely when admired. Her face is glowing when she smiles, showing the most adorable rosy cheeks. She's fun to be with and act silly around, her childish enthusiasm is the one reminding you to don't always take life so serious.
You cannot stop admiring her because she is enchanting, she is confident, she is YOU!
  With love,